What Is Corporate Law?

The legal field permeates nearly every aspect of life, from the cars you drive (personal injury law) to the child custody agreement you’re negotiating (family law). While some lawyers specialize in helping clients through a difficult divorce or obtaining compensation for injuries, others specialize in advising business owners and facilitating the success of companies. These are corporate attorneys and they play a crucial role in guiding a business’ growth. A corporate law firm serving San Jose can help you with everything from forming your business to hiring employees to merging with other companies—and so much more.

What Is Corporate Law?


One of the many aspects of corporate law involves conducting negotiations on behalf of a business owner . Corporate lawyers are excellent communicators who can protect a business’s interests by obtaining favorable terms for a transaction or other deal. When conducting negotiations, a corporate lawyer will always consider the terms of the deal in light of the risk to the business and the potential for revenue for the business.


Corporate lawyers frequently work on all types of transactions for their clients. These transactions commonly include purchasing other businesses or selling businesses. Successful negotiations are a critical component of corporate transactions. However, even after the business and legal terms have been agreed to, a corporate lawyer must protect the business by drafting an airtight contract.


A corporate attorney has extensive experience writing and analyzing contracts. Since contracts are legally binding, it’s essential to have a professional handle this aspect of the business. Some of the information a contract will contain includes each party’s obligations, the purpose of the contract, warranties, and boilerplate provisions. Having an airtight contract will protect the business in the event that the other party does not fulfill the required obligations.


In addition to working on negotiations, transactions, and contracts for a business, a corporate attorney can serve as an advisor to a business owner with regard to employment law. A lawyer can ensure that the business remains in full compliance with employment law, such as the prohibition of discrimination, to protect the business from legal liability.

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