Navigating Individual Liability: Understanding California Labor Code 558.1 LC

By:  Leiann Laiks, Esq.

In California, Labor Code 558.1 LC poses a significant consideration for employers, as it holds individuals personally accountable for violations of wage and hour laws. Let’s break down what this means for businesses:


Key Points of Labor Code 558.1 LC:

  • Individual Liability: The statute stipulates that individuals who act on behalf of an employer and fail to comply with wage and hour laws may be held personally liable for such violations.
  • Persons Covered: Those “acting on behalf of an employer” encompass specific roles within the organization, including owners, directors, officers, and managing agents.


Illustrative Example:

Consider a scenario where the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a Los Angeles startup, who is involved in the day-to-day management of an employee (hiring, discipline, firing) neglects to pay non-exempt employee overtime wages. As an officer of the company, the COO could be individually liable for the underpayment.


Purpose and Implications:

Labor Code 558.1 LC serves as a deterrent, reminding senior figures within a company of their responsibilities regarding wage and hour compliance. Importantly, even if a company faces bankruptcy, this provision empowers aggrieved employees to seek recourse from accountable individuals.


Mitigating Risk:

Businesses can take proactive measures to mitigate potential liability under Labor Code 558.1 LC by ensuring strict adherence to wage and hour laws and fostering a culture of compliance within the organization.


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