Review of Business Expense Reimbursement Practices

By:  Leiann Laiks, Esq.

This post by Leiann Laiks, an employment attorney in San Francisco, explores the legal implications of work-from-home arrangements for expense reimbursement.

Who should read this?

The information in this post is relevant for both employers and employees in California, particularly those involved in work-from-home arrangements. Corporate lawyers and corporate attorneys can also benefit from this information, as it touches upon employer obligations in a remote work environment.

Key points on Expense Reimbursement Practices


  1. Legal Obligations for Expense Reimbursement:
    • Labor Code § 2802(a) mandates that employers indemnify (or reimburse) employees for necessary expenditures or losses incurred in the discharge of their duties.
  2. Consideration of Thai v. IBM Decision:
    • Following the Thai v. IBM decision, employers with voluntary work-from-home agreements should reassess the allocation of associated expenses to employees.
    • Careful evaluation of potential risks associated with such agreements is advised.
  3. Reimbursement Practices for Work-from-Home Arrangements:
    • Given the implications of the Thai case, employers are encouraged to carefully devise reimbursement strategies for work-from-home setups, considering the associated risks.


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Leiann Laiks is an employment attorney in San Francisco. 

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