Expansion of Paid Sick Leave – 2024

By:  Leiann Laiks, Esq.

Expansion of Paid Sick Leave


1. Increased Paid Sick Leave:

  • Effective with the passage of SB 616, paid sick leave entitlement has been extended from 3 days (or 24 hours) to 5 days (or 40 hours) annually.
  • Employers have the discretion to limit usage to either 40 hours or 5 days per year.


2. Accrual and Front-loading Options:

  • Paid sick leave must accrue at a rate of 40 hours (or 5 days) by the employee’s 200th day of employment.
  • Alternatively, employers can front-load this entitlement to avoid accrual and carryover limitations.


3. Carryover and Accrual Cap Increase:

  • Any unused paid sick leave carries over to the following year of employment.
  • The accrual cap has been raised from 48 hours (or 6 days) to 80 hours (or 10 days) to accommodate this extended benefit.


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