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Business law is a set of laws designed to allow individuals and entities to create capital, buy and sell goods and services, license technology, and buy and sell business entities. Whether you are looking to start a business or conduct transactions as a well-established company, business law plays an important role in your operations. Working with a law firm experienced in business matters will help ensure your business activities comply with legal requirements, protect your rights and interests during start-up, angel financings, venture financings, debt financings, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Strategy Law, LLP is an experiencedbusiness and real estate law firm located in San Jose serving businesses in Silicon Valley, California, and worldwide.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Attorney

Working with an experienced business lawyer can help you and your company in a number of respects that can save you money and aggravation.

Starting a New Company: If you are just starting a company, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each form of entity. A business lawyer, working with your CPA or other tax advisor, can help you weigh the different options available to you based on your own plans to create an entity best suited for your particular business.

Funding Your Company: Businesses need capital. If your business will need to attract investors, a business lawyer can assist you in negotiating terms and creating documentation that reflect prevailing market trends. You can also be guided toward the different type of funding choices based on the entity through which your business operates and the specific point in its life cycle at which your business finds itself. Most important, a business lawyer will assist you in complying with securities laws to prevent you from becoming personally liable to your investors.

Operating Your Company: As your company grows, it needs a business lawyer to assist in everything from employment issues and basic commercial law, to technology transfer and corporate governance. From creating terms of sale, to website privacy policies, to confidentiality agreements, a lawyer can help you document and negotiate basic business transactions customized to your specific situation. A good business lawyer is one with whom you form a partnership so that they know your business and its people and can quickly help you resolve operating challenges as they arise.

Buying and Selling a Business: Business lawyers are uniquely qualified to assist in mergers and acquisitions. Whether you are buying a business to fill a strategic product category, or selling your own business, it is critical that you use a qualified business attorney to assist you. Significant advantages are gained if you consult your attorney even before a letter of intent. Attorneys can help with assembling the deal team, from retaining the right business broker or investment banker to the appropriate tax advisors. They can then help you to structure a transaction, negotiate price, earnouts, and indemnities, among other terms, and work with the deal term to close the transaction.

  • Commercial and Real Estate Debt Financing and Loans: When you are involved in these transactions, numerous issues arise that may affect your rights as a lender or borrower, including rights in collateral. This may include formulas for advancing funds, issues related to accounts or inventory that secure a loan, or construction or real estate issues.

Working With a Business Attorney

There a number of areas in which your business attorney can help you. For example, intellectual property rights play an important role in the business world, and our attorneys can help you find patent lawyers and trademark lawyers that can assist in protecting your technology. Hiring, management, and other employment concerns also play an important role in your business’ legal affairs.

Business attorneys can also assist you with all manners of business loan transactions, including asset based loans, commercial lines of credit, real estate loans and other sophisticated debt financing transactions.

All businesses have employees. A business lawyer can help you handle everything from the startup of your business to developing invention assignment agreements, personnel policy manuals, and handling disputes and severance agreements. An attorney can also help with creating and managing a stock option plan, and other employee equity packages.

Contract are crucial to your business. A good business attorney can create form contract specialized for your business, and review negotiate contract presented to you by your vendors, investors, and others.

Whether your business is large or small, there are many legal issues that affect it. Your law firm will work with you on a regular basis to provide the customized advice and business legal services you need for greater success. Contact Strategy Law, LLP at (408) 478-4100 to speak with an attorney about your business needs.

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