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How to Proceed with Mergers & Acquisitions in San Jose

mergers and acquisitions in San Jose

Strategy Law attorneys have worked in a wide variety of mergers and acquisitions, and have represented both acquirers and target companies. We are commonly involved in sales of private companies to other private companies and private equity firms, and sales of private companies to publicly held companies. We have worked with stockholder groups involving a single individual, to those involving successive rounds of institutional investors and extensive numbers of stock optionees and common stock holders. We have also worked as U.S. counsel in a number of cross border transactions.

Strategy Law attorneys believe that the most successful deals are those that follow methodical planning. For companies which desire to sell, we can assist in organizing corporate documentation and contracts so that inevitable diligence requests from a potential acquirer can be handled quickly and efficiently, and shortfalls in documentation, particularly in corporate governance, can be resolved. For acquirers, we can assist in defining diligence investigations to assist in generating an accurate view of the target company.

Once a deal starts in earnest, Strategy Law attorneys can assist in all facets of documentation. From the initial negotiations of a letter of intent or memorandum of understanding, to creating and reviewing a purchase or sale agreement, to coordinating third party consents, regulatory and closing matters, Strategy Law assists clients in preparing and negotiating necessary documentation. Our attorneys have also worked with the various mechanisms involved in any acquisition transaction, from working capital adjustments and holdbacks to earn-outs and noncompetition covenants.

Strategy Law understands that it takes a team to buy or sell a company. We have worked with, and can provide referrals to, investment bankers, accountants, tax advisors, and other professionals that can assist companies in the merger and acquisition process.

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