Tax Planning


Strategy Law, LLP business attorneys work closely with our clients’ other advisors, including financial advisors, tax advisors, and certified public accountants, as a team. We find this team approach is critical to structuring business transactions to achieve the most favorable tax consequences for our clients. This includes copying your other advisors on completed entity formation documents and contracts so that they have what they need to advise you at a later time.

Our attorneys take taxes into account when structuring business contracts. When we assist clients with entity choice decisions for their business, we address potential federal, state and local tax implications to the company and its owners. An important part of providing full legal services as company counsel is to explain tax consequences to our clients.

The real estate attorneys at Strategy Law, LLP have experience with Section 1031 exchange planning, and our business attorneys have experience with forming nonprofit corporations, including applying for tax exempt status under the Section 501(c)(3) and applicable California formation statutes.

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