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“Jack Easterbrook and his team at Strategy Law have done a great job for us documenting complex loan transactions, including deals with unusual collateral; ESOP owned companies, as well as matters involving multiple related parties and guarantors. We count on them for high quality and timely legal work and they are able to handle it for us. Jack and his team make it a point to be extremely accessible to us which can make all of the difference in the world in successfully closing a banking transaction. We also appreciate that Jack and his team are there for us with thoughtful advice about issues that come up in the course of putting together and structuring loan proposals and various ways to interpret certain bank related legal documents.”

SVP Manager – Major
Regional Bank
San Jose, CA

“Tamara is that rare attorney that understands both the legal particulars, and the greater business context for the client. We find this invaluable in our work together!“

Nathan Bennett
San Francisco, Ca

“Tamara’s unique differentiation is delivering a unique blend of strategy, proven expertise, and genuine client concern to her clients. The results is not only a positive outcome, but a positive experience.“

Susan Thomas, CEO,
Trainer Communications
San Francisco, Ca

“Tamara and her Team have been such a pleasure to work with. They are thought provoking, quick, and just good people.“

Alex Bulazo
Owner/General Manager/Chief Taster, City Baking Co.
San Francisco, Ca

“Tamara and her team were instrumental in saving me from a sticky situation. We greatly appreciate not only their legal knowledge but also their advice and recommendations for keeping the emotions out and getting the deal done.“

Diane Krakora
San Jose, Ca

“We have relied on Tamara and Strategy Law to navigate through some of the most challenging business legal threats our business has dealt with. What seemed insurmountable and damaging was made manageable and an opportunity for benefit once Tamara and her team summarized the various decisions that needed to be made and advised us on not only the legal but practical business dynamics at play. What we have found in Strategy Law is so much more than a Lawyer, but a CFO, a CEO, and COO combined for a complete business solutions partner.“

Javad Shadzi
CEO 034Motorsport LLC
Fremont, CA

“Tamara Pow is an experience business lawyer in San Jose and I strongly recommend her and the other business attorneys at Strategy Law, LLP. Tamara and her associates were very helpful in sorting out legal issues I was experiencing in my business. Everyone on her team was professional, thorough and prompt. Her coaching was helpful in resolving my matter without huge litigation or mediation costs. Tamara was sensitive to how quickly legal fees can add up, and I really appreciated her guidance to minimize the expense. Lastly, I never thought I’d say I liked dealing with my lawyer, but I actually really enjoyed talking with Tamara and her staff. I’d recommend Strategy Law LLC to any business owner in need of business partnership, contract, company formation or other business legal matters.

It might be helpful to know that Tamara and most of her associates at the law firm were previously with Structure Law in San Jose. They left in April 2014 and formed a new company, Strategy LLC, with an office in downtown San Jose.“

Carolyn A.
San Jose, CA

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